Down These Strange Streets
Down These Strange Streets

ISBN: 9781101544594
Year of publication: 2011

Down These Strange Streets

Carrie Vaughn
Laurie R King
Joe R Lansdale
Simon R Green
Patricia Briggs
John Maddox Roberts
George R R Martin
Melinda M Snodgrass
Gardner Dozois
Glen Cook
Bradley Denton
Conn Iggulden
SM Stirling
Diana Gabaldon
Lisa Tuttle
Steven Saylor
M L N Hanover

Urban fantasy

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Down These Strange Streets An anthology of stories edited by Gardner Dozois and George R R Martin To our friend Jack Dann, who has walked down some pretty strange streets himself THE BASTARD STEPCHILD There’s a new kid on the shelves in bookstores these days. Most often he can be found back in the science fiction and fantasy section, walking with a certain swagger among the epic fantasies, the space operas, the sword-and-sorcery yarns and cyberpunk dystopias. Sometimes he wanders up front, to hang out with the bestsellers. They call him “urban fantasy,” and these past few years he’s been the hottest subgenre in publishing. The term “urban fantasy” isn’t new, truth be told. There was another subgenre that went by that name back in the 1980s; it mostly seemed to involve elves playing in folk-rock bands and riding motorcycles through contemporary urban landscapes—usually in Minneapolis or Toronto, both of which are very nice towns. The new...

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