Shadow Puppets
Shadow Puppets


Shadow Puppets

Orson Scott Card

Science fiction

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Orson Scott Card Shadow Puppets CHAPTER ONE GROWN From: #14h9cc0/SIGN UP NOW AND STAY ANONYMOUS! To: Trireme%Salamis@Attica-vs-Sparta.hst Re: Final decision Wiggin: Subj not to be killed. Subj will be transported according to plan 2, route 1. Dep Tue. 0400, checkpoint #3 @ 0600, which is first light. Please be smart enough to remember the international dateline. He is yours if you want him. If your intelligence outweighs your ambition you will kill him. If vice versa, you will try to use him. You did not ask my advice, but I have seen him in action: Kill him. True, without an antagonist to frighten the world you will never retrieve the power the office of hegemon once had. It would be the end of your career. Let him live, and it is the end of your life, and you will leave the world in his power when you die. Who is the monster? Or at least monster #2? And I have told you how to get him. Am I monster #3? Or merely fool #1? ...

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