Shadow of the Giant
Shadow of the Giant


Shadow of the Giant

Orson Scott Card

Science fiction

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Card, Orson Scott Shadow of the Giant 1 MANDATE OF HEAVEN From: To: Re: Free Vacation Offer Destination of your choice in the known universe. And we pick you up! Han Tzu waited until the armored car was completely out of sight before he ventured out into the bicycle-and-pedestrian-packed street. Crowds could make you invisible, but only if you were moving in the same direction, and that's the thing Han Tzu had never really been able to do, not since he came home to China from Battle School. He always seemed to be moving, not upstream, but crossways. As if he had a completely different map of the world from the one everyone around him was using. And here he was again, dodging bikes and forward-pressing people on their ten thousand errands in order to get from the doorway of his apartment building to the door of the tiny restaurant across the street. But it was...

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