Shadow of the Hegemon
Shadow of the Hegemon


Shadow of the Hegemon

Orson Scott Card

Science fiction

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Card, Orson Scott Shadow of the Hegemon To: From: Re: What are you doing to protect the children? Dear Admiral Chamrajnagar, I was given your idname by a mutual friend who once worked for you but now is a glorified dispatcher -- I'm sure you know whom I mean. I realize that your primary responsibility now is not so much military as logistical, and your thoughts are turned to space rather than the political situation on Earth. After all, you decisively defeated the nationalist forces led by your predecessor in the League War, and that issue seems settled. The IF remains independent and for that we are all grateful. What no one seems to understand is that peace on Earth is merely a temporary illusion. Not only is Russia's long-pent expansionism still a driving force, but also many other nations have aggressive designs on their neighbors. The forces of the Strategos are being disbanded, the Hegemony is...

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