Speaker for the Dead
Speaker for the Dead


Speaker for the Dead

Orson Scott Card

Science fiction

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Orson Scott Card Speaker for the Dead For Gregg Keizer who already knew how Introduction Speaker for the Dead is a sequel, but it didn't begin life that way--and you don't have to read it that way, either. It was my intention all along for Speaker to be able to stand alone, for it to make sense whether you have read Ender's Game or not. Indeed, in my mind this was the "real" book, if I hadn't been trying to write Speaker for the Dead back in I983, there would never have been a novel version of Ender's Game at all. How did Speaker for the Dead come to be? As with all my stories, this one began with more than one idea. The concept of a "speaker for the dead" arose from my experiences with death and funerals. I have written of this at greater length elsewhere; suffice it to say that I grew dissatisfied with the way that we use our funerals to revise the life of the dead, to give the dead a story so different from...

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