The Call of Earth
The Call of Earth


The Call of Earth

Orson Scott Card

Science fiction

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Orson Scott Card The Call of Earth To Dave Dollahite Teacher and dreamer Husband and father Friend and fellow citizen ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I owe thanks to many for easing my way through the writing of this book. Clark and Kathy Kidd provided me with a refuge during the last week of the writing of this novel; half of it came forth under their roof, and with their good company. A writer's life can so easily slip into undisciplined sloth; my body has long reflected the physical indolence of a mentally exhausting career. This book owes much to the fact that during the writing of it I woke my body up again: I owe thanks to Clark Kidd and Scott Alien for sweating with me as I tortured a new bicycle into submission on the roads and bikepaths of northern Virginia and on the streets and strands of North Myrtle Beach. Several readers helped me reconcile this book with its predecessor, reading scraps of manuscript as they emerged from my printer, most...