The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror. Volume 19
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror. Volume 19

ISBN: 9781845298333
Year of publication: 2008
Sequence of author: The mammoth book of best new horror(№19)

The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror. Volume 19

Steven Erikson
ín R Kiernan
Joe R Lansdale
Neil Gaiman
Christopher Fowler
Glen Hirshberg
Nicholas Royle
Michael Marshall Smith
Joe Hill
Tim Pratt
Stephen Jones
Ramsey Campbell
Joel Lane
Conrad Williams
Kim Newman
Mark Samuels
Mike ODriscoll
Tom Piccirilli
Simon Kurt Unsworth
Gary McMahon
Simon Strantzas
Marc Lecard
Tony Richards
David A Sutton
Reggie Oliver
Joel Knight
Christopher Harman

Horror, Fantasy, Thriller, Maniacs

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Stephen Jones The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror. Volume 19 MICHAEL MARSHALL SMITH The Things He Said My father said something to me this one time. In fact he said a lot of things to me, over the years, and many of them weren't what you'd call helpful, or polite — or loving, come to that. But in the last couple months I've found myself thinking back over a lot of them, and often find they had a grain of truth. I consider what he said in the new light of things, and move on, and then they're done. This one thing, though, has kept coming back to me. It's not very original, but I can't help that. He was not an especially original man. What he said was, you had to take care of yourself, first and foremost and always, because there wasn't no one else in the world who was going to do it for you. Look after Number One, was how he put it. About this he was absolutely right. Of that I have no doubt. I start every day to a schedule. Live the whole...