The Memory of Earth
The Memory of Earth


The Memory of Earth

Orson Scott Card

Science fiction

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Orson Scott Card The Memory of Earth ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I owe many debts in the creation of this work, some more obvious than others. My wife, Kristine, as always was my reader of first resort; with this book, however, she was joined in this labor by our oldest son, Geoffrey, who proved himself to be a reader of great insight and an editor with a good eye for detail. The world has too few good editors. I'm proud to have found another one. I must also thank the many friends working with me on other projects, who waited patiently until this book was finished, so that I could return to other labors too long delayed. And thanks, again and always, to my agent, Barbara Bova, who proves that it is possible to do good business with a good friend NICKNAMES Most names have diminutive or familiar forms. For instance, Gaballufix's near kin, close friends, current mate, and former mates could call him Gabya. Other nicknames are listed here. (Again, because...

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