Orson Scott Card

Science fiction

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Orson Scott Card Xenocide To Clark and Kathy Kidd: for the freedom, for the haven, and for frolics all over America. Pronunciation A few names may seem strange to English-speaking readers. From Chinese, Quing-jao is pronounced "tching jow"; Jiang-quing is "jee-eng tching". From Portugese, Quim is pronounced "keeng"; Novinha is "no-VEEN-ya"; Olhado is "ol-YAH-do". From Swedish, Jakt is "yahkt". Other names are either easier to pronounce as written, or repeated rarely enough that they shouldn't cause difficulty. Acknowledgments A chance meeting with James Cryer in the Second Foundation Bookstore in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, led directly to the story of Han Qing-jao and Han Fei-tzu at the heart of this book. Learning that he was a translator of Chinese poetry, I asked him on the spot if he could give me a few plausible names for some Chinese characters I was developing. My knowledge of Chinese culture was rudimentary at best, and my...

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