Orson Scott Card

Science fiction

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Card, Orson Scott Homebody To Mike and Mary and Bernice friends and fellow civilizers of the barbarian hordes ACKNOWLEDGMENTS My thanks to: My wife, Kristine, who was my collaborator at the conception of this story; and to Emily and Geoffrey Card, Erin and Phillip Absher, and Peter Johnson, whose comments at the earliest stages helped give the first draft a better shape and substance; Clark and Kathy Kidd for hospitality and more as I began the second draft; and Kathy again for reading that draft with fresh eyes; Mark and Margaret Park, in whose guest bedroom I wrote and faxed away many a chapter; Kathleen Bellamy, my assistant, who always waits to read till last, so she can catch the mistakes that everybody missed; And (again and always) my wife, Kristine, and my children, Geoff, Em, Charlie Ben, and Zina, who have taught me what a house is for and what a home can be. 1 New House 1874 Dr. Calhoun Bellamy made...

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