Treasure Box
Treasure Box


Treasure Box

Orson Scott Card

Science fiction

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Card, Orson Scott Treasure Box To Russ and Tammy Card, dear friends and beloved family, for the faithfulness that carries you along roads rough and smooth ACKNOWLEDGMENTS For the first time in many years, I actually wrote an entire novel at home. Thus every page was wrung from the patience of my family. Kristine and Emily read every chapter as the first draft emerged from the printer, and Geoff was not far behind; the fax lines hummed as Kathy Kidd in remotest Sterling, Virginia, received and read each night's work the morning after. To all four of you, thanks for your responses, which helped me know what I had written and how it needed to be improved. Later, when the first draft was completed, I had great help from other advance readers, most notably my friend David Fox and my wise editor at Harper, Eamon Dolan; they also have my gratitude. Any flaws still remaining are probably due to my stubborn disregard of good advice. My thanks to Kathleen...

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