First Meetings In the Enderverse
First Meetings In the Enderverse


First Meetings In the Enderverse

Orson Scott Card

Science fiction

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Orson Scott Card First Meetings In the Enderverse To Eugene England and Richard Cracroft, two shepherds of LDS literature, with respect and gratitude, from one of the sheep THE POLISH BOY John Paul hated school. His Mother did her best, but how could she possibly teach anything to him when she had eight other children—six of them to teach, two of them to tend because they were mere babies? What John Paul hated most was the way she kept teaching him things he already knew. She would assign him to make his letters, practicing them over and over while she taught interesting things to the older kids. So John Paul did his best to make sense of the jumble of information he caught from her conversations with them. Smatterings of geography—he learned the names of dozens of nations and their capitals but wasn't quite sure what a nation was. Bits of mathematics—she taught polynomials over and over to Anna because she didn't even seem to try to understand, but it enabled John Paul to...

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