Harts Hope
Hart's Hope


Hart's Hope

Orson Scott Card

Science fiction

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Orson Scott Card Hart's Hope To Mark Park, Who knows the Little King From the heart out. Proem O Palicrovol, with death and vengeance in your eyes, I write to you because over the centuries there are tales you have forgotten, and tales you never knew. I will tell you all the tales, and because my tales are true, you will withhold your blade-filled hand, and no longer seek the death of the boy Orem, called Scanthips, called Banningside, called the Little King. The Exiled Rebel and the Flower Princess This is not the earliest of the tales, but it is the first that I must tell, because if you remember this, you will hear me to the end. He came to her in the garden, where her women were draping her with flowers, which they must do every day of the spring. "What is the name of the girl?" he asked. Her women looked to her for permission to answer. She nodded at sharp-tongued Cold-in-the-Western-Waters, who would know the proper words to say. "Our lady will know the name...

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