Hot Sleep: The Worthing Chronicle
Hot Sleep: The Worthing Chronicle


Hot Sleep: The Worthing Chronicle

Orson Scott Card

Science fiction

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Orson Scott Card Hot Sleep: The Worthing Chronicle 1 JAS WORTHING was being kept alive by State Paper FN3xxR5a, and he knew it. He didn't need an assistant professor of education to tell him that. But once Hartman Tork had begun a lecture, he was unstoppable. "There's no way, Jas Worthing, that you could have made a perfect score on that test. The information is classified, it was only bumped onto the computers by a mistake in the program —" "Your mistake," Jas pointed out. "Maybe not a mistake at all," Tork said, his face turning red with anger. "Maybe we've found out something about you that we desperately wanted to know. You couldn't possibly have copied off anyone else's paper —" "Are you accusing me of cheating? Because the juvenile code requires a proper hearing and substantiating evidence —" Tork whirled around on his swivel stool and stood up. He walked around the glowing teacherboard until he stood only a meter or less away from Jas....