Magic Street
Magic Street


Magic Street

Orson Scott Card

Science fiction

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Orson Scott Card Magic Street To Aaron and Lauren Johnston, who show us that magic can be funny and hopeful—a light in the darkness, conjured out of love Chapter 1 BAG MAN The old man was walking along the side of the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, gripping a fistful of plastic grocery bags. His salt-and-pepper hair was filthy and hanging in that sagging parody of a Rastafarian hairdo that most homeless men seem to get, white or black. He wore a once-khaki jacket stained with oil and dirt and grass and faded with sunlight. His hands were covered with gardening gloves. Byron shuddered, though he didn't know why. He looked the other way, to the right, across the lanes of fast-moving cars that were speeding up to get on the 10 and head east into Los Angeles. Normally Byron would be among them, heading home to Baldwin Hills from his day of classes and meetings at Pepperdine. But tonight he had promised Nadine that he'd bring home dinner from I Cugini. That's the kind of...

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