The Elephants Of Poznan
The Elephants Of Poznan


The Elephants Of Poznan

Orson Scott Card

Science fiction

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Orson Scott Card The Elephants Of Poznan IN THE HEART of old Poznan, the capital of Great Poland since ancient times, there is a public square called Rynek Glowny. The houses around it aren’t as lovely as those of Krakow, but they have been charmingly painted and there is a faded graciousness that wins the heart. The plaza came through World War II more or less intact, but the Communist government apparently could not bear the thought of so much wasted space. What use did it have? Public squares were for public demonstrations, and once the Communists had seized control on behalf of the people, public demonstrations would never be needed again. So out in the middle of the square they built a squat, ugly building in a brutally modern style. It sucked the life out of the place. You had to stand with your back to it in order to truly enjoy the square. But we’d all seen the ugly building for so many years that we hardly noticed it anymore, except to apologize to visitors, ruefully...

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