Shopaholic and sister
Shopaholic and sister

ISBN: 9780593052419
Year of publication: 2004
Sequence of author: Shopaholic(№4)

Shopaholic and sister

Sophie Kinsella

Modern romance novels

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Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic and Sister To Gemma and Abigail, in celebration of being sisters. DICTIONARY OF INTERNATIONAL TRIBAL DIALECTS ADDENDUM (The following terms were mistakenly omitted from the main dictionary.) NAMI-NAMI TRIBE OF NEW GUINEA, p. 67 fraa (“frar”): elder tribesman; patriarch mopi (“mop-i”): a small ladle for serving rice or meal shup (“shop”): to exchange goods for money or beads. A concept unknown by the tribe until a visit in 2002 by British tourist Rebecca Brandon (formerly Bloomwood) ROYAL CAIRO INSTITUTE OF ARCHAEOLOGY 31 El Cherifeen Street Cairo Mrs. Rebecca Brandon c/o Nile Hilton Hotel Tahrir Square Cairo January 15, 2003 Dear Mrs. BrandonI am glad you are enjoying your honeymoon in Cairo. I was pleased to hear that you feel a bond with the Egyptian people and agree it is quite possible that you have Egyptian blood in you. I also welcome...