The Man-Kzin Wars 01
The Man-Kzin Wars 01

Sequence of author: Man-kzin wars(№1)

The Man-Kzin Wars 01

Larry Niven
Poul Anderson
Dean Ing

Space science fiction

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Larry Niven The Man-Kzin Wars 01 Introduction “The Warriors” wasn't just the first tale of the kzinti. It was the first story I ever offered for sale. I was daydreaming in math class, as usual, and I realized that I'd shaped a complete story. So I wrote it down, and bought some magazines to get the editorial addresses, and started it circulating. It was years before anyone bought it. By then I'd rewritten it countless times, trying out what I was learning from my correspondence writing course. Fred Pohl (editor of Galaxy and Worlds of If in those days) saw it often enough that he eventually wrote, “I think this can be improved… but maybe you're tired of reworking it, so I'll buy it as is.” It was probably his title, too. The kzinti look a little blurred here, don't they? I mean, if you've known them elsewhere. Subsequently they changed in several ways. I learned to answer John W. Campbell's challenge: “Show me something that thinks as well...