The White Rose
The White Rose

Sequence of author: The black company(№3)

The White Rose

Glen Cook


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Glen Cook The White Rose Chapter One: THE PLAIN OF FEAR The still desert air had a lenselike quality. The riders seemed frozen in time, moving without drawing closer. We took turns-counting. I could not get the same number twice running. A breath of a breeze whined in the coral, stirred the leaves of Old Father Tree. They tinkled off one another with the song of wind chimes. To the north, the glimmer of change lightning limned the horizon like the far clash of warring gods. A foot crunched sand. I turned. Silent gawked at a talking menhir. It had appeared in the past few seconds, startling him. Sneaky rocks. Like to play games. "There are strangers on the Plain," it said. I jumped. It chuckled. Menhirs have the most malevolent laughs this side of fairy stories. Snarling, I ducked into its shadow. "Hot out here already." And: "That's One-Eye and Goblin, back from Tanner." It was right and I was wrong. I was too narrowly focused. The patrol had...

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