The Man-Kzin Wars 09
The Man-Kzin Wars 09

Sequence of author: Man-kzin wars(№9)

The Man-Kzin Wars 09

Larry Niven
Poul Anderson
Hal Colebatch
Paul Chafe

Space science fiction

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Larry Niven The Man-Kzin Wars 09 PELE Poul Anderson 1 Close to noon, the Father Sun baked pungencies out of turf and turned the forest that walled the northern horizon into a wind-whispery surf of leaves and shadow. Closer by, a field of hsakh stood golden. Kdatlyno slaves were hand-cultivating it in the ancient way, growing fiber that would be handwoven into cloaks for the mighty to wear at Midwinter Bloodfeast and then burn. Scattered elsewhere were the dwellings of the Heroes attendant upon this household. Though stately enough, they were dwarfed by the manor looming ahead of Ghrul-Captain. These lands were a minor holding of Grand Lord Narr-Souwa's and the building was fairly new, in a modern style. Mosaic of red-and-black thunderbolt pattern decorated walls that sheered up to steep roofs of copper kept blindingly polished, whose beam ends gaped in the forms of carnivores. Tradition had made the lower windows mere gun...

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