Water Sleeps
Water Sleeps

Sequence of author: The black company(№8)

Water Sleeps

Glen Cook


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Glen Cook Water Sleeps 1 In those days the Black Company did not exist. This I know because there were laws and decrees that told me so. But I did not feel entirely insubstantial. The Company standard, its Captain and Lieutenant, its Standardbearer and all the men who had made the Company so terrible, had passed on, having been buried alive at the heart of a vast desert of stone. "Glittering stone," they whispered in the streets and alleys of Taglios, and "Gone to Khatovar," they proclaimed from on high, the mighty making what they had been so determined to prevent for so long over into a great triumph once the Radisha or Protector or somebody decided that people ought to believe that the Company had fulfilled its destiny. Anyone old enough to remember the Company knew better. Only fifty people had ventured out onto that plain of glittering stone. Half of those people had not been Company. Only two of those fifty had returned to lie about what had happened. And a...

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