All Darkness Met
All Darkness Met


All Darkness Met

Glen Cook

Science fiction

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Glen Cook All Darkness Met ONE: 0 Shing, Ehelebe The woman screamed with every contraction. The demon outside howled and clawed at the walls. It roared like a wounded elephant, smashed against the door. The timbers groaned. The physician, soaked with perspiration, shook like a trapped rabbit. His skin was the hue of death. "Get on with it!" snarled the baby's father. "Lord!..." "Do it!" Nu Li Hsi appeared undisturbed by the siege. He refused even to acknowledge the possibility of fear, in himself or those who served him. Would-be Lord of All Shinsan, he dared reveal nothing the Tervola could call weakness. Still the physician delayed. He was hopelessly trapped. He couldn't win. A demon was trying to shatter the sorceries shielding his surgery. Inside, his master was in a rage because the mother couldn't deliver normally. The child was just too huge. The woman was a friend, and the surgeon doubted she could survive the operation. The only assistant permitted him...

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