Call For The Dead
Call For The Dead


Call For The Dead

Glen Cook

Science fiction

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Glen Cook Call For The Dead I The figure wore scarlet. It had a small, hairless skull. Its face was as delicate as that of a beautiful woman. A rouge colored its lips. Kohl shadowed its eyes. Zodiacal pendants hung from its earlobes. Yet no observer could have sworn to its sex. Its eyes were dosed. Its mouth was open. It sang. Its song was terror. It was evil. Its voice stunk with its own fear. Its lips did not move while the words came forth. A dark basaltic throne served as its chair. A pentagram marked the floor surrounding it. That Stygian surface seemed to slope away into infinity. The arms of the pentagram, and the cabalistic signs filling them, had been sketched in brilliant reds and blues, yellows and greens. The colors rippled and changed to the tempo of the song. They surrendered to momentary flashes of silver, lilac, and gold. Perspiration dribbled down the satin-smooth effeminate face. Veins stood out darkly at its temples. Neck and shoulder muscles became knots...

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