An Ill Fate Marshalling
An Ill Fate Marshalling


An Ill Fate Marshalling

Glen Cook

Science fiction

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Glen Cook An Ill Fate Marshalling Prologue; Year 1013 After the Founding of the Empire of Hkazar: Castle Greyfells in Duchy Greyfells, in Northern Itaskia The colonel stalked through the quiet corridors, each step charged with the nervous energy of a caged panther. Ser­ vants got out of his path, turned to watch after he passed. His tension surrounded him with an aura of danger. He reached the door of the chamber to which he had been summoned. He stared at it, rose onto the balls of his feet, settled back. He was afraid of what might lie on the other side. This was more than the portal to a room. It was a doorway to tomorrow, and he didn't like the smell of it. Something was afoot. He had come to the castle last evening, and had found it infested with tension. The Duke was planning something. His people were scared. All the recent Dukes had become involved in schemes that failed, and each failure had brought violence down on the family...

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