Passage At Arms
Passage At Arms


Passage At Arms

Glen Cook

Science fiction

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Glen Cook Passage At Arms 1 Welcome Aboard The personnel carrier lurches through the ruins under a wounded sky. The night hangs overhead like a sadist's boot, stretching out the moment of terror before it falls. It's an indifferent brute full of violent color and spasms of light. It's an eternal moment on a long, frightening, infinite trail that loops back upon itself. I swear we've been around the track a couple of times before. I decide that a planetary siege is like a woman undressing. Both present the most amazing wonders and astonishments the first time. Both are beautiful and deadly. Both baffle and mesmerize me, and leave me wondering, What did I do to deserve this? A twist of a lip or a quick chance fragment can shatter the enchantment in one lethal second. I look at that sky and wonder at myself. Can I really see beauty in that? Tonight's raids are really showy. Moments ago the defensive satellites and enemy ships were stars in barely perceptible motion. You could...

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