My First Book
My First Book

Year of publication: 1894

My First Book

Jerome Klapka Jerome
Robert Louis Stevenson
Henry Rider Haggard
Bret Harte
Rudyard Kipling
Walter Besant
James Payn
Clark Russell
Grant Allen
Hall Caine
George Robert Sims
Athur Conan Doyle
Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Frederick William Robinson
Robert Michael Ballantyne
Israel Zangwill
Morley Roberts
David Christie Murray
Marie Corelli
John Strange Winter
Arthur Quiller-Couch
Robert Williams Buchanan

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My First Book INTRODUCTION By Jerome K. Jerome Jerome K. Jerome 'PLEASE, sir,' he said, 'could you tell me the right time?' 'Twenty minutes to eight,' I replied, looking at my watch. 'Oh,' he remarked. Then added for my information after a pause: 'I haven't got to be in till half-past eight.' After that we fell back into our former silence, and sat watching the murky twilight, he at his end of the park seat, I at mine. 'And do you live far away?' I asked, lest, he having miscalculated, the short legs might be hard put to it. 'Oh no, only over there,' he answered, indicating with a sweep of his arm the northern half of London where it lay darkening behind the chimney-fringed horizon; 'I often come and sit here.' It seemed an odd pastime for so very small a citizen. 'And what makes you like to come and sit here?' I said. 'Oh, I don't know,' he replied, 'I think.' 'And what do you think about?' ...