Shadowline - Starfishers Triology - Book 1
Shadowline - Starfishers Triology - Book 1


Shadowline - Starfishers Triology - Book 1

Glen Cook

Science fiction

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Glen Cook Shadowline - Starfishers Triology - Book 1 Book One—ROPE Who twists the rope that dangles from the gibbet? One: 3052 AD Who am I? What am I? I am the bastard child of the Shadowline. That jagged rift of sun-broiled stone was my third parent. You cannot begin to understand me, or the Shadowline, without knowing my father. And to know Gneaus Julius Storm you have to know our family, in all its convolute interpersonal relationships and history. To know our family... There is no end to this. The ripples spread. And the story, which has the Shadowline and myself at one end, is an immensely long river. It received the waters of scores of apparently insignificant tributary events. Focusing the lens at its narrowest, my father and Cassius (Colonel Walters) were the men who shaped me most. This is their story. It is also the story of the men whose stamp upon them ultimately shaped their stamp upon me. —Masato Igarashi Storm Two: 3031 AD Deep in the...

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