Song from a Forgotten Hill
Song from a Forgotten Hill


Song from a Forgotten Hill

Glen Cook

Science fiction

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Glen Cook Song from a Forgotten Hill We were trapped in a world where tomorrow was yesterday. The fire had come three times and gone, and now we were back where our fathers had been a hundred years ago. There were some—"Toms," I've heard them called— who went into slavery as if it were their birthright, but there were also those who fought and died rather than hoe in some redneck's field. Most of those who fought did die. But free. "Go tell it on the mountain, Over the hill and everywhere; Go tell it on the mountain, To let my people go...." The fire came the first time when the good soldier-men in Washington and Moscow decided on mutual suicide. The Russians thought of victory in terms of population destruction. They shot at cities. Our people suffered more than Mr. Charley. We lived in the cities that were the targets. But so did the white liberals who were helping bring change. The fire came a second time when militants burned the remnants of Whitey's cities. Mr. Charley...

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