Starfishers - Starfishers Triology Book 2
Starfishers - Starfishers Triology Book 2


Starfishers - Starfishers Triology Book 2

Glen Cook

Science fiction

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Glen Cook Starfishers - Starfishers Triology Book 2 Allied with the biggest creatures in space, they were the rich harvesters. Now they would be the hunted as well... Starfish: Treasure Troves Of Power They were creatures of fusion energy, ancient, huge, intelligent, drifting in herds on the edge of the galaxy, producing their ambergris, the substance precious to man and the man-like Sangaree alike. In deep, starless space the herds were protected by the great harvestships of the Seiners, or Starfishers — the independent, non-Confederation people who dared to skirt the deadly boundaries of Star's End and battle the Sangaree. It is with them on the harvestship Danion that Confederation agents Mouse Storm and Moyshe BenRabi have to fly and fight, probing mystery and myth. And where BenRabi, man of many names, must surrender his dreams and his mind itself to the golden dragons of space and their shepherds, the gathering Starfishers. One: 3048 AD ...

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