Stars End - Starfishers Triology Book 3
Stars End - Starfishers Triology Book 3


Stars End - Starfishers Triology Book 3

Glen Cook

Science fiction

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Glen Cook Stars End - Starfishers Triology Book 3 Book One THE HIGH SEINERS One: 3049 AD The Main Sequence The death cry of an exploding sun illuminated a starfleet the likes of which few men had ever seen. There were six great starships in the convoy. The smallest was forty kilometers long. No drive glow enveloped those ships. No ion wake marked their passing. They were drifting. But they met the flash front of the nova with an inherent velocity approaching three tenths the velocity of light. Each of those starships looked like a mobile created by a sculptor, looked like someone had visited a planetary junkyard, had welded scraps together, and then had flung the results at the farthest star. Those ships were all angles, tubes and planes, globes, cubes, and what appeared to be silver sails. Whole forests of antennae bristled on the humped mountains of their backs. Random chunks of debris accompanied the ships, thrown out from jagged wounds in their flanks....

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