The Dragon Never Sleeps
The Dragon Never Sleeps


The Dragon Never Sleeps

Glen Cook

Science fiction

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Glen Cook The Dragon Never Sleeps He lies ever upon his hoard, his heart jealous and mean. Never believe he has nodded because his eyes have closed. The dragon never sleeps. — Kez Maefele, speaking to the Dire Radiant — 1 — Guardship: VII Gemina On rest station in trojan L5 off P. Jaksonica 3 11/23 shipsyear 3681; year 43 of the Deified Kole Marmigus Dictats: The Deified Ansehl Ronygos, dct 12 WarAvocat Hanaver Strate, dct. 1 Alert status: Green Three WarCrew sleeping [.03 duty section] Surveillance Mode: Passive All was quiet in Hall of the Watchers. The whisper of electronics was soporific. Watchers struggled to stay awake. Third WatchMaster roamed silently, tapping shoulders with an ivory baton. His admonitions were not vigorous. WarAvocat had not yet left his quarters. He might not. He was...

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