The Tower Of Fear
The Tower Of Fear


The Tower Of Fear

Glen Cook

Science fiction

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Glen Cook The Tower Of Fear THE PLAYERS IN THE MANY-FACED GAME Qushmarrah-The conquered city where events take place THE QUSHMARRAHANS- Called veydeen by the Dartar tribesmen, the literal meaning of the word beingstone-sitters. Applicable to any city dwellers Aaron Habid-A carpenter and war veteran Laella-Aaron's wife Arif-Aaron's older son Stafa-Aaron's younger son Raheb Sayed-Aaron's mother-in-law Tamisa ("Mish")-Aaron's sister-in-law Taidiki-Aaron's brother-in-law, now dead Billygoat-Aaron's friend and co-worker, who caulks the seams in ships Naszif bar bel-Abek-a metalworker and war veteran Reyha-Naszifs wife, Laella'sbest friend Zouki-Naszifs son Nakar the Abomination-a sorcerer, now dead, who ruled Qushmarrah in the name of the god Gorloch The Witch-Nakar's wife Torgo-aeunuch serving the Witch Azel-a professional killer, talented and deadly. A man of many faces Muma-innkeeper and associate of Azel Ishabel bel-Shaduk-professional criminaland child-taker The General-Leader of...