Winters Dreams
Winter's Dreams


Winter's Dreams

Glen Cook

Science fiction

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Glen Cook Winter's Dreams [Anyone who reads "Winter's Dreams" will instantly be aware of its many shortcomings. This is my first assay into short fiction in fifteen years. Some minds are better suited to long, I suppose. Some lack the capacity to leave things out. My last short work appeared in Asimov's, Mid-December 1982 issue. 1985 saw publication of a 240,000 word trilogy prequeling events in that story. "Winter's Dreams," for me is noteworthy for the thousand things left out. It is ever thus. There are always more questions to answer about these people from other dimensions and more events in their lives to chronicle. If they survive. In effect, "Winter's Dreams" is like an artist's preliminary pencil sketch for one panel in a triptych. A lot of detail and color and polish need to be added before a satisfactorily finished whole appears to my eye.] 1 The light of three racing moons drenched the smoky city. Silver shadows schooled lazily amongst crowded spires and steeples...

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