Realms of the Deep
Realms of the Deep

Sequence of author: Anthologies(№7)

Realms of the Deep

Lynn Abbey
Mel Odom
Elaine Cunningham
Ed Greenwood
Richard Lee Byers
Troy Denning
Keith Francis Strohm
Clayton Emery
Thomas M Reid
Peter Archer
Larry Hobbs
Steven E Sckend


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Lynn Abbey,Elaine Cunningham,Peter Archer,Ed Greenwood,Richard Lee Byers, Clayton Emery,Mel Odom, Troy Denning,Larry Hobbs,Thomas M. Reid,Steven E. Sckend,Keith Francis Strohm Realms of the Deep HARD CHOICES Lynn Abbey 19 Ches, the Year of the Gauntlet "What happened here?" the gray-bearded merman asked. "Sahuagin," Shemsen replied. Yesterday there had been twenty-two sentry posts out where the Waterdeep outflow channels cut through the sea shelf. Today there were twenty-one. The merman frowned, all shifty shadows in the soft, greenish light of the living lanterns he and his companions strung from the reins of their seahorse mounts. Forty fathoms up, through wisps of plankton, the moon danced on a becalmed sea. It had been different at dawn. "They came riding a squall," Shemsen explained. A sea elf refugee from warmer water, he'd been swimming Waterdeep for a decade, long enough to master the local underwater dialect. "We looked...