Fire Time
Fire Time

ISBN: 038505582
Year of publication: 1974
Sequence of author: Gunnar heim(№2)

Fire Time

Poul Anderson

Space science fiction

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Fire Time by Poul Anderson FOREWORD It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a wholly just man. His image had been chilling enough in court. Now we were summoned to himself. Dusk took us as we stepped from the flyer, blue-gray around, deepening to black where the mountainside toppled into the valley, overhead still a violet touched by the earliest stars. A guardian satellite hastened among them, entered Earth’s shadow, and vanished as if the thin cold wind that whittered about us had blown it out. There streamed a smell of glaciers and distances. The house was built of native stone, enormous, a part of these heights. Few men on man’s mother planet can afford solitude. The president of the Tribunal commands it. A light in a bronze frame glowed above an ironbound oaken door. Our pilot gestured us that way. His whole body said we had better not keep Daniel Espina waiting. Though my heart stammered, we all walked steadily. The door opened to...

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