A Different Flesh
A Different Flesh


A Different Flesh

Harry Turtledove

Antique literature

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A different Flesh By Harry Turtledove Synopsis: How would we treat our cousin, Neanderthal man, if he were alive today? In this alternate history, bands of Homo erectus had crossed the Siberian land bridges to America, but no modern humans made the same trip later. The world where sims (the European settlers' name for Homo erectus) rather than Indians live is different from ours. North America would have been easier for Europeans to settle than it was in our history, where the Indians were strong enough to slow if not to stop the expansion. The presence of sims, intel igent beings, but different from and less than us, shaped European thought. Those Sims were enough like us to be very useful, different enough from us to be exploited with minimal guilt, and too weak to resist effectively for themselves. The urge to treat them better would have to come from the ranks of humanity, and to compete against the many reasons, some of them arguably valid, for continuing...

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