Darkness Descending
Darkness Descending


Darkness Descending

Harry Turtledove

Antique literature

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Darkness Descending   Harry TurtledoveThis is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this novel are either fictitious or are used fictitiously. Copyright © 2000 by Harry Turtledove map © 1999 by Miguel Roces 0987654321  Dramatis Personae(*-denotes viewpoint character) AlgarveAlmonio Constable in Hwinca in Forthweg Balastro Count; Algarvian minister to Zuwayza Bembo* Constable in Tricarico Buraldo Mage in Skrunda, Jelgava Clovisio Trooper in Trasone's squad Domiziano Young dragonflier; squadron commander for Sabrino Dosso Jeweler in Trapani Evodio Kaunian-speaking Algarvian constable in Oyngestun Fronesia Sabrino's mistress Galafrone Tealdo's company commander Gismonda Sabrino's wife Gradasso Aide to Colonel Lurcanio in Priekule Lurcanio Colonel on occupation duty in Priekule Mainardo Mezentio's brother; new King of Jelgava Mezentio King of Algarve Mosco Captain on occupation duty in...

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