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Little Emilys family depravity
Little Emily's family depravity


Little Emily's family depravity

Virginia K G Ryder

Erotic, Sex

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Virginia K. G. Ryder Little Emily's Family Depravity CHAPTER 1 It was only a week after my 11th birthday when I was sent to live at Miss Hellview's Private School for Girls. “Emily, this is best for all of us,” my mother said tearfully, giving me a hug. She handed me the small but expensive suitcase they'd just bought me. “We'll send you spending money every month.” “I'm so sorry,” I answered, and I meant it. This was my own fault, after all. “Can I come home on holidays?” “Of course, sweetheart,” my father answered, a little uneasily, I thought. But at least he was finally speaking up. “You'll only be two hours away.” My father, normally not the openly emotional sort, had tears in his eyes as well. This wasn't easy for any of us. “We love you very much,” he threw in, to which my mom gave him an annoyed glance. “I know you do, Daddy.” Miss Hellview's was a boarding school hidden away in an isolated part of southern Alabama, a...