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Taboo Times Ten
Taboo Times Ten


Taboo Times Ten

RW Finch
Virginia K G Ryder
Thorn Wildman
Augustine Saintly
Remi Cogsworth

Erotic, Sex

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Virginia K. G. Ryder,Thorn Wildman, R.W. Finch,Augustine Saintly,Remi Cogsworth Taboo Times Ten Dog Walker Virginia K.G. Ryder Because I was only 10-years-old that summer, and skinny besides, my parents thought I was too young to take the job of dog walker for Mrs. Patterson's big yellow Labrador, Rockford. But with enough childish persistent on my part, and a few tears, they finally relented. If only to teach me a lesson. “Amber, that big dog will drag you right down the street,” my father argued, shaking his head. “But, since you insist, we'll let you try it for a couple of days.” “Thank you, Daddy,” I told him brightly. “I'll be fine. You'll see.” As it worked out, I was more than fine. And not only did Rockford prove to be an exceptionally well-behaved dog for me, a regular sweetheart of a dog, it was as if he actually fell in love with me. Like, for real love. In a shockingly sexual way. “I work long hours,” our new...