The reign of Istar
The reign of Istar

Sequence of author: Tales 2(№1)

The reign of Istar

Margaret Weis
Tracy Hickman
Richard A Knaak
Roger E Moore
Nancy Varian Berberick
Douglas Niles
Michael Williams


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Margaret Weis,Tracy Hickman, Michael Williams,Richard A. Knaak, Roger E. Moore,Douglas Niles,Nancy Varian Berberick The reign of Istar Paladine, you see the evil that surrounds me! You have been witness to the calamities that have been the scourge of Krynn… You must see now that this doctrine of balance will not work! "… I can sweep evil from this world! Destroy the ogre races! Bring the wayward humans into line! Find new homelands far away for the dwarves and the kender and the gnomes, those races not of your creation… "… I demand that you give me, too, the power to drive away the shadows of evil that darken the land!" So the Kingpriest prayed on the day of the Cataclysm. He was a good man, but intolerant, proud. He believed his way to be the right way, the only way, and insisted that everyone else — including the gods — follow his thinking. Those who disagreed with him were, by definition, evil and, according to the law, must be "converted" or...