The cataclysm
The cataclysm

Sequence of author: Tales 2(№2)

The cataclysm

Margaret Weis
Tracy Hickman
Richard A Knaak
Roger E Moore
Mark Anthony
Dan Parkinson
Michael Williams
Nick O
Teri Williams
Todd Fahnestock


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Margaret Weis,Tracy Hickman,Michael Williams, Teri Williams, Mark Anthony, Todd Fahnestock, Nick O'Donohoe, Richard A. Knaak, Dan Parkinson, Roger E. Moore The cataclysm Introduction The world was forged upon three pillars: good, evil, neutrality. In order to progress, a balance between the three must be maintained. But there came a time in Krynn when the balance tilted. Believing himself to be the equal to the gods in knowledge and in wisdom, the Kingpriest of Istar sought the gods in arrogance and pride and demanded that they do his bidding. Having viewed with sorrow the tilting of the scales of balance, resulting in hatred, prejudice, race divided against race, the gods determined to restore the balance of the world. They cast a fiery mountain upon Ansalon, then withdrew their power, hoping those intelligent races who dwelt upon Krynn would once again find their faith — in the gods, in themselves, and in each other. This catastrophe became...