Songs of the Dying Earth
Songs of the Dying Earth

ISBN: 9781429928076
Year of publication: 2009

Songs of the Dying Earth

Walter Jon Williams
Robert Silverberg
Tanith Lee
Mike Resnick
Neil Gaiman
George R R Martin
Dan Simmons
Gardner Dozois
Glen Cook
Howard Waldrop
Lucius Shepard
Elizabeth Moon
Terry Dowling
Kage Baker
John C Wright
Elizabeth Hand
Matthew Hughes
Liz Williams
Paula Volsky
Jeff VanderMeer
Phyllis Eisenstein
Ted Williams
Byron Tetrick

Science fiction

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SONGS OF THE DYING EARTH Stories in Honour of Jack Vance Edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois To Jack Vance, the maestro, with thanks for all the great tales, and for letting us play with your toys. THANK YOU, MR. VANCE by Dean Koontz In 1966, at 21, fresh from college, I was a fool and possibly deranged, although not seriously dangerous. I was a well-read fool, especially in science fiction. For twelve years, I pored through at least a book a week in that genre. I felt that I belonged in one of the other worlds or far futures of those tales more than I did in the world and time in which I’d been born, less because I had a wide romantic streak than because I had low self-esteem and longed to shed the son-of-the-town-drunk identity that fate had given me. During the first five years that I wrote for a living, I produced mostly science fiction. I was not good at it. I sold what I wrote — twenty novels, twenty-eight short...