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Deep Throat Diva
Deep Throat Diva

ISBN: 9781593093013
Year of publication: 2011
Keywords: nigga pornography

Deep Throat Diva



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Cairo DEEP THROAT DIVA THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED TO the Queen of seduction, Allison Hobbs, for being a supporter, colleague, and true friend. I have nothin’ but deep admiration, respect and love for you! ZANE PRESENTS DEEP THROAT DIVA Dear Reader: All that I can say is that you need to fasten your seatbelt for this one. Cairo has spun a tale that will make even the prissiest woman on earth become fascinated with performing oral sex on her man. The sex scenes in this book are scorchers. Better have a cold drink nearby to cool you off; real talk. There is more to the book than that, though. It is a delightful read that delves deep into the psyche of a woman who fulfills her desires in a most unique way and also justifies her actions by considering herself to remain true to her real love. Hmm, this should spark a lot of conversation. It is rumored that a lot of younger people, especially, consider themselves to be abstaining...