Other Earths
Other Earths


Other Earths

Stephen Baxter
Gene Wolfe
Robert Charles Wilson
Lucius Shepard
Alastair Reynolds
Jay Lake
Benjamin Rosenbaum
Theodora Goss
Liz Williams
Jeff VanderMeer
Nick Gevers
Greg van Eekhout
Paul Park

Science fiction

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Other Earths An anthology of stories edited by Nick Gevers and Jay Lake DOG-EARED PAPERBACK OF MY LIFE INTRODUCTION Nick Gevers and Jay Lake In a sense, all fiction is alternate history. Did Odysseus rule in Ithaca? Where is Jack Aubrey in the recorded naval annals of the Napoleonic period? Did Rabbit Angstrom really play high school basketball? These characters are people that never were—that is what makes them part of fiction, after all. Works that meet a relatively formal definition of alternate history have been with us since at least the nineteenth century. Aside from occasional fascinating literary sallies by the likes of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Benjamin Disraeli, most early counterfactual fictions were jingoistic wish-fulfillments or utopian whimsies, followed somewhat later by academic gedankenexperimenten. With the evolution of modern science fiction, alternate history came along for the ride, enriching the genre with visions of altered actualities to complement...

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