A Fine Red Rain
A Fine Red Rain

Sequence of author: Inspector rostnikov(№5)

A Fine Red Rain

Stuart M Kaminsky

Police detective

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Stuart M Kaminsky A Fine Red Rain Think carefully of the town we have seen in the play. Everybody agrees that there is no such town in Russia. But what if it were the town of our soul, lying within each of us? Nikolai Gogol, The Denouement of the Inspector General CHAPTER ONE The man sitting on Gogol's shoulders was weeping and shouting, but Porfiry Petrovich Rostnikov couldn't hear him. Rostnikov stood in Arbat Square across Gogol Boulevard, straining to hear the man's words over the gentle bump-thump of the light September rain. It was very early on a Monday morning. Buses and cars crept up Suvorov Boulevard. People on their way to work on Arbat Street and on the New Arbator Kalinin Prospekt, as it was officially knownclimbed off the buses or hurried out of the underground Arbatskaya Metro Station behind Rostnikov. A few people, like Rostnikov, paused to watch the ranting man and wonder how he had climbed the statue,...