The Boat of a Million Years
The Boat of a Million Years

ISBN: 0312931999
Year of publication: 1989

The Boat of a Million Years

Poul Anderson

Science fiction

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The Boat of a Million Years by Poul Anderson ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Chapter HI, “The Comrade,” has appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, June 1988. Copyright © 1988 by Davis Publications, Inc. Chapter V, “No Man May Shun His Doom,” does homage to the late Johannes V. Jensen. Karen Anderson prepared the epigraph, slightly modifying her translation at my request, and as scholar and critic was invaluable throughout. The “CCCP” is due to George W. Price. For other kinds of help I also thank John Anderson, Victor Fernandez-Davila, and David Hartwell. To G. C. and Carmen Edmondson Salud, amor, dinero y tiempo para gustarlos. May he go forth in the sunrise boat, May he come to port in the sunset boat, May he go among the imperishable stars, May he journey in the Boat of a Million Years. The Book of Going Forth by Daylight (Theban recension, ca. 18th Dynasty) ...

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