I, Alien
I, Alien

ISBN: 9780756402358
Year of publication: 2005

I, Alien

Robert J Sawyer
Mike Resnick
Stephen Leigh
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Harry Turtledove
Barry N Malzberg
William Sanders
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Michael A Burstein
Tobias S Buckell
Laura Resnick
Jennifer Roberson
Paul L Martens
Kay Kenyon
Janis Ian
Barbara Delaplace
Tom Gerencer
Laura Frankos
Batya Swift Yasgur
Josepha Sherman
Paul Crilley
Susan R Matthews
Linda J Dunn
Terry McGarry
Adrienne Gormley
John DeChancie
Anthony R Lewis
Ralph Roberts

Science fiction

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I, ALIEN Edited by Mike Resnick INTRODUCTION by Mike Resnick SCIENCE FICTION LOVES aliens. We’ve had cute aliens, frightening aliens, brilliant aliens, stupid aliens, friendly aliens, hate-filled aliens, lustful aliens, aliens who think and sound just like us, and aliens whom we will never begin to understand. The true alien is a cipher that doesn’t serve much use in science fiction. If he exists—excuse me: if it exists—it probably breathes methane, excretes bricks, smells colors, reproduces by budding, and has totally different concepts (if it has any at all) of love, hate, fear, and pain. So, very early on, science fiction writers learned to use aliens as metaphors for various aspects of the human condition—as a funhouse mirror they could hold up to humanity to examine whatever happens to be pleasing or annoying the writer that particular day. The history of science fiction is filled with aliens, many of whom became more popular than the...

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