Worlds That Werent
Worlds That Weren't

ISBN: 9780451458865
Year of publication: 2002

Worlds That Weren't

Walter Jon Williams
Harry Turtledove
S M Stirling
Harry Williams
Mary Gentle

Alternative history

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Harry Williams, Walter Jon Williams, Harry Turtledove, S. M. Stirling, Mary Gentle WORLDS THAT WEREN’T THE DAIMON by Harry Turtledove Simon the shoemaker’s shop stood close to the southwestern corner of the Athenian agora, near the boundary stone marking the edge of the market square and across a narrow dirt lane from the Tholos, the round building where the executive committee of the Boule met. Inside the shop, Simon pounded iron hobnails into the sole of a sandal. His son worked with an awl, shaping bone eyelets through which rawhide laces would go. Two grandsons cut leather for more shoes. Outside, in the shade of an olive tree, a man in his mid-fifties strode back and forth, arguing with a knot of younger men and youths. He was engagingly ugly: bald, heavy-browed, snub-nosed, with a gray beard that should have been more neatly trimmed. “And so you see, my friends,” he was saying, “my daimon has told me that this choice does indeed come...

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