The Ugly Little Boy
The Ugly Little Boy

ISBN: 0553561227
Year of publication: 1993

The Ugly Little Boy

Robert Silverberg
Isaac Asimov

Science fiction

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Isaac Asimov, Robert Silverberg The Ugly Little Boy And, alone in the dim emptiness of the sleeping forecasde he appeared bigger, colossal, very old; old as Father time himself, who should have come there into this place as quiet as a sepulchre to contemplate with patient eyes the short victory of sleep, the consoler. Yet he was only a child of time, a lonely relic of a devoured and forgotten generation… — JOSEPH CONRAD, The Nigger of the Narcissus Prologue. Silver Cloud SNOW HAD COME IN during the night, a fine dusting of it, thin as mist, traveling on the western wind. It was snow that must have come a great distance. The scent of the sea was still on it, rising now from the bleak broad tundra as die warmth of die early morning sun began to go to work on it. Silver Cloud had seen the sea once, a long time ago, when he was a boy and the People still hunted in the western lands. The sea was huge and dark and resdess, and when die sunlight struck it in a certain way it...

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