Nine Tomorrows
Nine Tomorrows

Year of publication: 1970

Nine Tomorrows

Isaac Asimov

Science fiction

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Isaac Asimov Nine Tomorrows Tales of the Near Future To Betty Shapian, whose kindness and helpfulness have been unfailing I Just Make Them Up, See! I Just Make Them Up, See! Oh, Dr. A.- Oh, Dr. A.- There is something (don't go 'way) That I'd like to hear you say. Though I'd rather die Than try To pry, The fact, you'll find, Is that my mind Has evolved the jackpot question for today. I intend no cheap derision, So please answer with decision, And, discarding all your petty cautious fears, Tell the secret of your vision! How on earth Do you give birth To those crazy and impossible ideas? Is it indigestion And a question Of the nightmare that results? Of your eyeballs whirling, Twirling, Fingers curling And unfurling, While your blood beats maddened chimes As it keeps impassioned times With your thick, uneven pulse? Is it that, you think, or liquor That brings on the wildness quicker? For a teeny Weeny Dry martini May be just your private genie; Or perhaps those...

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